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Last couple of months we've been working hard on new version of our statistics, focusing on performance and being mobile-friendly. Soon we'll reveal what we've been up to. Stay tuned!

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Grepolis Report Converter Revolution Tools – what is it?

The converter was created partially out of boredom, and partially to make mine and other people's life on Grepolis easier. Because the game doesn't offer a publication of all the reports, only some (and publication is available only for a few days), I wrote a report converter.

At the beginning of 2014 "RevoltTool" appeared on forums - interesting new script for publishing revolt report. Since I didn't want to create competitive solution to anpu's RevoltTool, we joined forces and in March 2014 began cooperating. So the "Grepolis Report Converter Revolution Tools" was born and with it new challenges ahead; hoping to be surprising you with our new ideas.

As of now it converts:

  • use of godly powers
  • attack/deffense
  • spying
  • sent of support
  • wall
  • agora - the state of the troops in the city, along with support
  • command
  • list of commands - available when enabled premium "Administrator"
  • occupation of the city
  • possibility to create additional report, when revolt is being stirred up

Additional features include:

  • access to player statistics
  • saving the wall
  • you can add emoticons in messages and posts on forum
  • Cities from the User profile may be issued as BBC
  • Players from the Ally profile may be issued as BBC
  • timing, when again the spell can be used
  • Replacing scrollable tabs on the forum for multi-line

The project is still under development, so any suggestions are welcome.

So how does it work?

Just install the script, and all of these features will be available.

All kinds of questions and reporting perceived errors, please send your

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