Donations received

Dear Users,

GRCRT was created and developed with passion. By players, for players.

But GRCRT is not only a script: It is also statistics, activity monitor, graphic elements on converted reports, picture version of the report (to be shared where the standard report does not work).
And since players come from all over the world, GRCRT should be equally (quickly) accessible to all of them. No matter where you are (we even have players from Antarctica).
In order to ensure the proper functioning of these functionalities, a proper infrastructure is needed:

  • in order for the data from the server to be read/written quickly, we use an efficient dedicated server with SSDs
  • to protect your reports and statistics in case of a breakdown we have a second server with backup copies
  • a service called CDN is responsible for quick access to data from anywhere in the world

The average cost of maintaining these services is €170 per month.
Initially we tried to keep up with the advertising. These, however, over time have become too aggressive and unsuitable for the younger part of our users.In August 2017 we removed the advertisements completely, hoping that with 20,000 regular GRCRT users there will be 170 people (less than 1%) who will be able to spend €1-2 per month on infrastructure maintenance and GRCRT development.

After 24 months, we regret to say that our appeal has reached a total of 236 people (of which only 7 regularly help us) and the situation is getting worse month by month.
While the whole of last year cost us a total of €114.24 this year yes this year, as of today, we are already a loss of €737.03!!!

Every help is important to us!
Just know that a deposit of less than €0.50 will be entirely absorbed by PayPal for commission.

From here we thank you, Allan, for your monthly €1 deposit (€0.61 will be credited to us after deducting the commission),
and you Stephen for your monthly €2 (€1.59 after deduction of commission),
as well as yourselves: Dalibor, Thomas, Helen, Michael, David, Günter, Clement, who have repeatedly supported us.

It's hard to believe that of the 17,400 GRCRT users only 1,388% appreciate our work.
And although for those 1,388% it's still worth maintaining GRCRT, unfortunately we can't afford it and we have to start considering which features (and in what order) we'll have to disable.
Be like Allan or Stephen - support us. You don't have to do it every month - you can do it every quarter, but be with us, restore passion and GRCRT will come back to life again or... Do nothing and the GRCRT will cease to exist.


We would like to thank everyone for each donation. As we wrote at the beginning of August 2017, we have resigned from placing advertisements, hoping that you will appreciate our work by giving voluntary donations that allow you to both maintain the infrastructure (every month we need $200 - this is the equivalent of €170) and further development of GRCRTools.

Click a month on the chart to view details.

Date of receipt Amount Payment

In the database currently is:

Worlds 191
Alliances 15 093
Players 153 747
Cities 4 376 256
Conquests 7 476 139



Data stored on the server:

Players using GRCRTools 14 048
Saved settings GRCRTools 169 104
Stored images for reports 1 644 557
Reports in the format HTML 1 035 120
Reports in the form of an image 617 501